About us. Roadrunner Wireless Internet is a local communications company that has been in business in New Mexico since the 1990’s. We have a HUGE established network in this area and are constantly upgrading our quality equipment to continually improve our customer’s experience.

Our signal travels through the air directly to your Home or Business. Whether it’s wireless internet access or VOIP services, you can count on Roadrunner Wireless Internet for speed, reliability and quality. We support all your residential and commercial services for unlimited web surfing, watching movies, online gaming, downloading or uploading photos, work and more.

Take advantage of our complete line of internet services and don’t forget our friendly, knowledgeable sales and support staff here to help with any question you many have.

We listen, we go the extra mile, and we are committed to providing secure and reliable communications for our customers.

Refer your family and friends for credits to your account.  Public safety, First Responder and Military discounts available.

No contract required. No unnecessary “bundled” services. No hidden fees or surcharges. No fees to modify your service plan. No complicated agreements or fine print. Unlimited data usage and no cap limits. Fast, comparable uploading and downloading speeds. Personalized, local support and service. Rural location access possible. Professional quality installation services. Convenient, streamlined billing services.

Public Safety Discount

First Responder Discount

Military Discount

Refer a Friend

Do you enjoy your service with us?  Then feel free to refer a friend.  When that friend signs up with us and has continuous service for two months, we will credit your account for $40.  There is no limit to the amount of referrals....

How we deliver wireless internet

Every wonder how we deliver you high speed wireless internet?  We have numerous access points around the area.  When you sign up for service.  We take a dish and mount it on your roof.  We then point that dish to our access point.  We fine tune the signal, to get you...

New Access Points added to the Crest

New Access Points We added two new access points to the crest.  These AP's cover Corrales, Rio Rancho and Bernalillo. This has improved signal strenth, AirMax quality and...